Full Body Massage 

What is a Full Body Massage ?

Full body massage, as the name suggests, involves a therapist massaging your entire body. The entire session lasts for at least an hour or so. Various parts of the body including the shoulders, neck, arms, back, legs, hands and feet are massaged during the massage session.
A body massage typically starts with the person lying face down. The therapist then starts massaging the shoulders and upper back, then slowly moving towards the feet, and up again, finally ending with shoulders and neck, and at times with the scalp.
If you have any particular problem areas that experience discomforts, you may make a request with the therapist to pay special attention to those areas.

Benefits of Full Body Massage

This therapy has multiple benefits, both psychologically and physically. Full body massage helps in reducing stress, depression and anxiety. It also increases blood circulation, alleviates stiffness and chronic pain and boosts the function of the immune system.
Wait no more! A relaxing massage is what your body needs and it deserves a good one.