Massage in general is pressing, moving or rubbing of muscles, skin, ligaments and tendons with an objective to enhance the formation and circulation of good hormones in the body. In some massages, the masseur also uses the stoke and pressure to stimulate various points in the body that generated positive energy. Different types of massages that are given by the professionals all over the world differ drastically on the basis of its purpose of giving. For e.g. the massages given for treatment of illness, remains completely different from one that is given only for relaxation.

However, here are some common massage therapies that can be taken by anyone


This is a gentle massage which is given for the relaxation and to remove the depression. This massage is also known as aromatherapy. Here, an aromatic oil is used by the masseur to do the massage; the oil used creates a beautiful aroma, decrease the friction between the hand of masseur and the skin of the person taking a massage. The oil also has some healing property that helps to decrease the pain.


This is a form of massage which is again taken for muscles and mind relaxation. This is a very popular massage and it helps in creating positive energy in the body, decrease the stress and rejuvenate the blood circulation in the body. The professionals who offer the home massage service do this in the home or at the hotel room. After taking a massage the person feels extremely relaxed and positive.

In addition to these massages there are many other types of massages offered by the professionals in Singapore. And each one has its own benefits.


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